SOIceFest Photo Contest

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So here’s the deal. Partake in the festivities, enjoy the climbing, meet new and old friends. Take pictures that you think embody SOIceFest best, then to enter the contest simply:

  1. Post them on your Facebook or Instagram account. Add @SOIceFest and @Verti_Call and #SOIceFest4PhotoContest as well as any captions you’d like your friends and followers to read. (But it must have @SOIceFest, @Verti_Call and #SOIceFest4PhotoContest.)

  2. SOIceFest organizers and Verti Call will shortlist the top 10 entries and post them on an album on Facebook. Photos are judged on composition, quality, colour and spirit!

  3. Like, heart or thumbs up as many or as few photos in the album as you like. The photo with the most Likes wins. (Only Likes, as they are counted in the SOIceFest album, are considered.)

  4. Deadlines for photo submissions and voting will be shared on Facebook.

  5. 1st place (most number of likes) is 4 Kailas Ice Screws and a screw bag.

  6. 2nd place (2nd most number of likes) is a Kailas Guofo pack.

  7. Tie-breaker is the earliest photo submission time.

  8. Get ‘snappin!